a few things prior to packing...


I'm really pushing for the weather to improve. It was just a wee bit chilly this morning, but I decided that it was time for the short pants to come out of the closet. But now I look at the weather forecast and it says to expect precipitation (snow and or rain) on Wednesday and Thursday. However, inside I'm laughing because I will be away starting tomorrow in a city that will hopefully have fairer conditions.

save the dusky shrew

I'm usually pleased with any trip away from the north, but my destination of late has been doubly precious because I have been able to visit with a bevy of beautiful folks whom I love and adore. I am most eager in anticipation of my trip out tomorrow evening. Sunshine is expected for all of the days... so I think I will finally be able to take my camera out on a mini expedition in the city. Perhaps there will be some flora and fauna that I can take photos of.

However, I must go and pack.