on the passing of time...


April really is disappearing at a rate faster than I could have anticipated. I find that all very comforting as I am looking forward to the end of June immensely.

I have a few things planned for the summer, one of which includes assembling my portfolio... for no other reason than just to have a portfolio to show off at dinner parties.

Yesterday, in addition to finding old notebooks I found a pile of letters written to me during high school. It was a rather amsuing and enlightening process to go through them now, six years later, and recall the events that led to heartbreak and misunderstanding.

It may seem callous of me to laugh at some of the stuff that was written to me in a time of pain... but it's just so damn amusing... especially when I read lines like "a Raffaella out of touch is better than a Raffaella out of reach." Reading these letters I was reminded why I enjoy studying Communication... for each letter really made it clear to me how easy it is for us to perceive totally different messages in what people might say verbally or what they might communicate non-verbally. I'm really glad I kept these letters. What is past is past, but it has brought me to where I am today... and I enjoy the mental exercise of reviewing how I initally responded to those situations and how I respond to similar situations now.

a little retrospective thinking is good for the soul every now and again.