the day the cats took over...


I've never been one to actually come up with any good April Fool's jokes. I lack creativity in such pranks perhaps. Or pranks on a designated day... I like to keep people on their toes. However this morning I was moderately amused to find that everyone one of my photos included in the interestingness stream had suddenly moved to the number one position.

Ha, ha... funny I thought. So I decided to see what the good ol folks at Flickr had done to celebrate this Poisson d'avril... and then my heart stopped... because it became clear to me that the cats had taken over. It was a frightening thought for me, and before my eyes flashed the life of my laptop, because it was not long ago that a crazed feline decided to wage war with my computer and attempted to murder the circuitry with a well calculated leap and flick of tail so as to knock over a glass of juice (placed far, far away from my first technological baby) and make it so my Enter key was non-functional for months and I would be so clouded by grief that I would not order a replacement keyboard for I thought it would be too great an expense, but turns out it was not. So, you ask... who had the last laugh? Why the cat of course.

I will receive no sympathy for this I fear... for not only have the night terrors stopped and I no longer fear that some alley cat is going to break into my room to suck out my breath... but the keyboard has been replaced and my Enter key is fully functional. Additionally, I'm now dating a cat whisperer... who must now be rejoicing in this new reign of the feline group.