verbosity killed the...


So, I'm off to bed shortly... but I just thought I'd write a little post since I'm in the mood to write after spending an hour... yes, one hour... composing comments about a friend's first time podcast. Why did it take me an hour you might ask... well, I was listening to my killer playlist (I got a little tired of party shuffle in itunes so I made up a playlist - a killer playlist - yesterday while writing/researching my midterm) and trying to be witty. And some of these songs are so damn good that I would pause and let the haunting lyrics wash over me while I pondered my next stunning witicism.

Somewhat related, I have written some long but otherwise beautifully scripted emails in my time. I wonder if people really appreciate them. I think they do... otherwise they probably would have stopped associating with me by now. Most of the people who couldn't handle my verbosity did just that. The content of my emails aren't overly weird... but perhaps they put people off a bit. Like my ex-boyfriend for example. Lord knows how I dated him for so long... considering he acted like he was practically illiterate and was practically incapable of responding to my emails. I find that extremely annoying. But to give the loser/bastard/cad credit he did write me letters and send me emails in the beginning of our doomed relationship.

Now I only send emails to a select few, and Shout to the Lord Hallelujah!, I have finally found the few people who will respond to my emails in a witty fashion. Anyhow, this was just verbuse leftover from that commenting session (new word : verbose + refuse = verbuse).

Good night and bon nuit!