environmental disturbance


Come, gentle Spring! ethereal Mildness! come.
James Thomson (1834-1882)

96th Street
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What do we do to deserve such weather? It pains me to look outside and see what was once the beginnings of spring covered in the classic "crisp blanket of white." Does Mother Nature not realize the degree to which these environmental disturbances wreak havoc on my emotions? It is hard enough to balance the stress of academics and destitution without prolonging the eventual return of beautiful summer. I equate the effect of the environment on my emotions to the effect the environment might have to some people's joints or hair (damp=ache, humidity=frizz). At this time of year my poor soul needs the promise of sun, green leaves and the stereotypical sun-kissed glow replacing horrid winter white/sallow complexions. Already today I snapped and turned into a nasty. All those I wronged today... please forgive me. It was the barometric pressure.