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Photo Credits: groovy neato
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(these always disappear when when I edit in blogger after posting from flickr... anyone know why?)

that's no wig my friend...

W. took this photo of me towards the end of our day of photgraphy and interesting coincidences with J. and K. in Hudson's Hope. The day was utterly marvelous as most random and spontaneous excursions are. It was unique to be sure... each participant adding their own individual flair... true to traditional road trip form. Our group would have made for fascinating documentary, reality television, or podcast material. However, the former (two) would require a camera crew... while the latter would require something like the iriver 799 like a certain well known podcaster uses from time to time.

Anyhow, the child has been lunched and is being very difficult about going to sleep. He's yawning like an old man though... which means that slumber is inevitable for the child.

Novelty Reference: an inanimate object naming contest here is in need of interested particiants. The only requirement for entry is that you are a gifted underachiever.


  1. Thank you for the traffic redirection. Much appreciated. You're a peach. Oh and the picture, at last viewing is at 33 views... it's a popular pic and you're a popular girl.