the misery in numbers...


So I've been feeling like junk for the past couple days. It's nice and sunny outside but my mouth is dry and my head is heavy. I have what could be considered zero energy. I would just like to be entertained right now... have someone come and talk with me, bring me some soup and maybe even some magazines. But even in my state of ill health (I knew it was coming... spring weather always means some kind of end of the season sickness) I feel the need to compose a post to vent a little about the trials and tribulations of groupwork. Here is the situation... in my current course I am in a group of six, we recently presented on the topics of technology, religion, and ethics as related to the film Gattaca. Although the presentation was fine, it did not flow as nicely as I would have liked. And our instructor commented on as much... However some good news is that the extra time I took to format the sidebar did not go without notice... but that should be the least of my concerns... the focus should be the flow of the presentation text.

My ideas for the presentation content were quite different from the rest of the group... but working in groups... especially online groups... it is always easier to limit the amount of disagreement and give up some of the more abstract ideas one might have for the presentation. I wanted to marry the idea of technology, religion, and ethics as it relates to the concept of control... but I never really pushed for it. Maybe I should have... or at least posted my comments to the class discussion which I didn't. Groupwork, especially in the online environment, is a great challenge. It requires a great deal of energy to try to coordinate an effective collaboration. I haven't had that feeling of dedication in a while... my school performance is probably lacking as a result. I wish I would really let myself use the excuse that I am stricken with the curse of the overacheiver - I care too much and then I care not at all.

but this has been a series of rather dull and depressing posts. I'll try to feign cheerfulness in any future posts.