heroine addict...


I think it is common practice for people to compare themselves to literary characters. My sisters and I would often claim to be the epitome of various classic heroines, for example, we would each argue who was more like Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice... who was Josephine March from Little Women... who was more Claudia Kishi from The Babysitter's Club (okay that last one was a joke... the babysitter's club reference stems from a series of discussions that took place when I was in grade three during some "inside" days). Anyhow, my point is that if I were to be realistic in my literary comparisons I would have to admit that I am more Kitty (she can't help that she has a cold) or Jane (she gets sick from a horse ride in the rain) than Lizzy... and that I am definitely more sickly Beth than Jo. Are you noticing a theme here?

Yes, you guessed it. I am still sick (I thought my health record was getting better but I remember now that I was in bed for a few days with the flu in January). Damn You Inexplicable Iron Deficiency! It's been five years now... you stole my skin pigment... and you continue to steal my energy. Why wasn't making me sallow enough?

Anyhow, enough rant out of me. For anyone who remembers reading The Babysitter's Club series, check out this site. Too funny. Oh the memories... Dawn the California health nut, step-sister of Mary-Anne the quiet one... Stacey from New York who didn't want people to know she used Sun-In to streak her hair. I always enjoy amusing retrospectives of my youth. If only they could cure what ails me.

There's got to be some kind of upside to being sick. Too bad my neighbour is not a rich old man whose grandson is in love with my sister.


  1. ...I knew it...I am Lizzy.