mulling over midterms


I have a week to write my midterms. I'm still debating whether I will write my research paper about flickr and social networks for this class. I haven't made as good as a start on the research as I would have wanted to by this point, but I'm still very much interested in the content. I might just write the paper but not hand it in for marks.

As you might have noticed from my flickr photostream as of late... I've finally gone pro. It wasn't really a necessary thing, but I quite enjoy posting pictures on flickr and in a very minor way, being pro will help in my research (a very weak excuse indeed, but still true).

This weekend I probably made up for the close to three weeks I spent without sustained adult company. I was hardly home all weekend... but it was lovely and very necessary. I'm still very tired of living in limbo but this type of existence will continue probably until I go back to Victoria for my next residency. My survival plan for the meantime is to spend as much time as possible outside of the house. This way I can trick myself into thinking that my social life is really full, which will disguise the fact that I am actually rather boring. In an effort of self-preservation I commit myself to reinventing my perceived personality from one of lacklustre lass to acerbic and aggresively self-assured artist.