live wire...


Live report from the Mackenzie Public Library! My nephew is in a reading group and I am waiting oh so nicely for it to be completed. Luckily I am surrounded by numerous reading materials. I spent a good twenty minutes perusing through some home decorating magazines and lusting (I just remembered that it is Lent and if I were pure and chaste I would be free of lust... but that is highly doubtful considering I just remembered that it was the Lenten season) after various rooms pictorially represented in artful photographs that are splashed across the glossy pages of the magazines (Who came up with the term "splashed across" anyhow?).

I anticipate being in this town for only two more days... it's really tiny and being here makes me appreciate the relative largeness of the other northern community that I inhabit. Par example, I walked over to the Mackenzie Mall after I dropped off my nephew to go in search of some kind of reading materials for later this evening (and yes I know I'm in the library but I can't take out any books here since I don't have my sister's library card). Anyhow, unless I took some books from the Mackenzie Book Exchange kiosk (which consisted of a lot of 70s trash novels and the dog chewed (and I mean dog chewed not dog eared) editions of Louis L'amour-like novels... my selection was limited to a variety of cook books for sale in the grocery store. This town has no books... not even a recent trash novel. I've already read all the books in my sister's house. Even I have a limit to the amount of television I can watch. Anyhow, the reading group is wrapping up their little themed art project and I'm going to check the 10 cent sale shelf at the front of the library in desperate hope that there might be something readable there besides a post-tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer book or the classic romantic tale "Yours, Mine, and Ours" of two single parents who clash then fall desperately in love (sounds vaguely familiar don't you think... I'm sure that has been the plot of many of romantic comedy film). More later... as the chilluns are under my sole charge until 3am when brother in law gets off work.