life at the discotheque


mini disco (b&w)
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bloody hell my back hurts... Have I been out dancing you ask? No, I have not. My time has been unpleasantly divided between chasing the child around the house during the day and research for my paper that is worth about 70% of my grade. I decided sometime last week that I wanted to do my research paper for marks after all... but it's a collaborative project this time. It's also twice as long as earlier anticipated. How fun!

The child's mother is picking him up early tomorrow. That means I have more time to dedicate to school. I'm quite tired so I should probably go to bed. But before I go, here is my typical insertion of some sort of unrelated material. The program that I want to use, Tinderbox, has not actually released a Windows version (I read a blog post incorrectly...), not yet anyhow. So, that just adds more fuel to my quest to replace my current laptop with a sleek little powerbook. aye, one day...