My darling mother took this photo some time ago. This is one of a series of photographs entitled, "Clothespins". My mama has got the "eye".

Not too much to report this evening. I spent much of the night exploring the new wiki for my course in communication and technology. I was presented with a blank canvas... and I found it very difficult not to "contribute" my own ideas about organization and the like.

Anyhow, regarding my weekend of radio remoting and winter sports photographing... the radio remoting was far more successful (a powerful flash is next on the list for camera purchases). However, I still enjoyed myself immensely... and I would hope that my partner in crime, w., also enjoyed the experience. We did about nine broadcasts in total (I'm too tired to count right now), some were ok (I ramble too much), some were excellent (for instance when w. phoned in from the car while we were following the runners in the road race, or my adjective run from the hospitality suite upstairs in the memorial arena). It was a simply scandalous time. Some of our pictures from the Games will be posted on the moosefm photo site, but not right away, since w. is busy with a new job and I'm busy with a new course.

oh, I downloaded Picasa today... it's a free photo organizing program made by Google. The best way to describe it would be as google's answer to iPhoto for the PC user. It's fabulous as it incorporates all the basic photo editing functions that you might need AND it is fully integrated with GMail and blogger. Google never fails to impress. Of course I won't be needing Picasa once I get a powerbook... but that's a bit down the road yet.