europa in widescreen


Travel is only glamorous in retrospect.
Paul Theroux

It was a quiet evening yesterday. In no mood for an evening of academics I browsed my collection of films looking for something worthwhile to watch. Most of my belongings are still packed in boxes that are neatly stacked beside my bed, but luckily my small film collection is packed in one of the top boxes for easy access. I decided to indluge in a little foreign fare... watching L'auberge espagnole, a fabulous French comedy about an Erasmus exchange student in Barcelona.

I highly recommend this film. To use typical movie review speak... or reviewese... L'auberge espagnole is fresh and witty. I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics of the multi-cultural cast and I was fascinated how the dialogue is a mix of French, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Danish and I'm sure at least one other language. Watching films like this makes me regret not making a more serious effort to maintain what knowledge I had of French... and I also regret not making a more serious effort when I was studying Italian. However, a future as a tri-lingualist is not impossible. I can always look into grad studies programs in Europe... I can get EU citizenship... best to explore all possibilities I think.