someone roars "Bobby scores!"


It's hard to believe, but yesterday being my day off from school I indulged in a little unpaid work and took photos for MooseFM with W. of Huskies Hot Wheels Hockey. People were shooting for $40,000 in prizes, but unfortunately no one won. There were a couple contestants who were very close though. Although I am not a fan of hockey per se, I did manage to have an exciting time. W. and I were there not only in our role as random-spontaneity photographers, but also as live entertainment for the MooseFM crew and the various contestants (such as when we chanted "we need a witness!... WITNESS!" to the tune of "I need a hero"
during the important documentation period of the evening). The evening was wrapped up at fn's' where I was on medium behaviour, but I still managed to lightly offend a few others with my informal tone and candour. But what can I say, it was my night off.

Anyhow, it's back to my school work today. This week I have some job applications to drop off, a few assignments to finish and hand in, and a group assignment to coordinate and complete on technology, religion, and ethics in relation to science fiction as a vehicle for technology criticism (I've been reading articles all morning, trying to come up with some brilliant plan for our presentation). Oh, and yes... I have to submit my proposal on flickr and social networks. Hopefully, all this will be complete for next Sat. when I have promised to assist in the transformation of what is now a rather clinical green bedroom to a
mediterranean marvel. Should the owner permit, photos will be forthcoming.