whirlwind weekend....


Saturday morning at 2:20am I got on the greyhound in Mackenzie. I arrived in Fort St. John at approximately 10:00am (after a two hour wait in the ugly Dawson Creek bus depot, but then what bus depot is attractive?). I spent the majority of the weekend away from home attempting to recover from what I will call my mood funk... In all I think I was home for maybe a total of four hours when I wasn't sleeping. Why was I avoiding home? Don't really know... and don't really care. After a day of idle computer envy and riotous cannabis puns
with my darling platonic lover... in the evening we watched the little elementary chillins in the darling musical Once on this Island... they seemed a little tired (understandable considering they were on their eighth show), but they were still fabulous. Sunday included brunch, art arranging, minor housekeeping and the ever present schoolwork.

Nothing interesting to report on this last busride. It was sunny and went by very quickly, other than the forty five minute wait in the FSJ bus depot as a result of a website/bus depot employee discrepancy (website was right... bus depot employee was greasy and incorrect as usual). As far as the child-minding report goes though... I arrived and was quickly put to work picking up my nephew from a friend's house... having to settle his freaky fit that he had in front of the car when we had to pick up his sister from school... and having to carry him around after he managed to fall into a hip deep puddle while we were waiting outside the elementary school. I looked really capable... all the mothers were looking at me as if I tried to drown the skinny boy.

good news... I am able to access the wireless internet at my sister's house from my own laptop. bad news... the much anticipated laptop switch won't be happening for a while.