insomnia... we meet again


There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.

Homer, The Odyssey
Greek epic poet (800 BC - 700 BC)

I wonder why my body is not tired this evening... it does not wish to cooperate with my regular sleeping schedule. This is a "crying shame" as my mind is actually quite tired and would like to partake in a little slumber. Unfortunately for me this evening... it seems that one will not sleep without the other... hence this early morning post.

My photography hobby continues. Earlier this evening (yesterday I suppose) I experimented with some interesting lighting conditions created by a makeshift light table (well really the position of the halogen lamp I used for the light table) that I had constructed to view some slides for a local elementary school project I'm helping out with.

en francais... pied

My sister (or one of my sisters I should say) is probably gagging after seeing this photo... she has an aversion to feet for some strange reason. Nevertheless, I was quite pleased with the outcome of this photo... as well as the other photos in this series (of which I've posted a random selection of to my flickr account). I really have to update to a pro account soon. Since it's only just February 1st and I've already used up 100% of my upload allowance.

Anyhow, seeing that it's approximately quarter to three, I really have nothing else of interest to report.