how to succeed in business writing without really trying


At least that is what I am trying to figure out. Please don't get me wrong, writing for business and government is an essential skill... I just seem to be lacking the corporate mindset in order to be really engaged with this current coursework. It also doesn't help that my immune system has been temporarily weakened by some type of cold virus... and I would rather be in bed with a good book (but really how is that different from any other day?).

Otherwise on the academic front I realize I have been neglecting my graduate studies research as well as the much needed journal article writing preparation. My article draft has been sitting and waiting for a revision. I will return to my paper with fresh eyes and renewed academic interest.

I wonder if I have let my email policy assignment sit long enough so that when I return to complete it tonight I will be able to approach it with the same zest... I doubt it, but then I am trying to succeed in business writing without really trying. It's the only way to go you know...