vomit of the visual kind...


Recently the marvelous site that is/was Flickr updated from Beta to Gamma (oh how clever). They made a number of functionality changes, including altering the site navigation and the organize feature... but they made a major change to the site layout, changing the front page from a single column to double columns and all following pages to triple columns. The result is less overall pages for the photostream but as a wise man once said, "It looks like a visual abortion" (a term which I cleaned up a bit on the flickr forum, adding a bit of alliterative flare, writing visual vomit instead). Needless to say I'm not too pleased about this layout change. I really wish they would switch back or at least give us the option to change back to a portfolio style single column front page. The site is far too busy now, which really detracts from individual photographs. But then Flickr is part of the Yahoo family... so I suppose they're just starting to conform to conglomerate ugliness. I mean look at the preview page for Yahoo (Warning though... the preview page only supports IE and Firefox). If this is any indication of where Flickr is going then I'm really disappointing... I have higher hopes for Flickr.