the age of the new aquarians...


I just completed this short environics survey and discovered that I belong to the tribe of the New Aquarians (follow the link for visuals or read below for more about my tribe). 

Incidence in Population
  • Proportion of Canadian population: 5 per cent
  • Proportion of Gen Xers: 14 per cent
Other Demographics
  • Mostly mirror the general population
Fundamental Motivations
Social Justice and Experience-seeking

Key Values
  • Adaptability
  • Concern for the less fortunate
  • Concern for the environment
  • Respect for education
  • Contempt for traditional authorities
  • Hedonism
Words to Live By
  • There is no being, only becoming
  • Everything changed in Seattle
  • No justice, no peace
Money Orientation

Making it: I'd never do work I didn't believe in.
Spending it: When I must consume at all, I consume with conscience.
Saving it: I'm not saving much now, but when I do I'll call the shots.
Stealing it: No, thanks.
Giving it away: Environmental and social causes.

Apparently I also show a similarity to the following tribe(s):
Thrill-seeking Materialists
Social Hedonists


  1. Ciao, Sven here in Belgrade. Apparently I'm a New Aquarian too, whaddaya know. Hard to the modern side of the modern/traditional axis, and halfway along the social vs. individual axis. Just about the ideal person, as my father Bantutu used to say as we kayaked down the Amazon with my sister Vandana.