l'avocat super fantastique


It was just one of those afternoons. A situation came up at work that involved a little bit of advocation on behalf of a student... and all I will say is that I am tired from the ordeal. But it's only Friday Eve and I can't relax entirely. I have some photo editing to work on tonight, which I'd like to finish before the weekend so I can devote some time to some shooting for fun.

Although tonight I don't know how much I feel like editing photos. I've expanded my reading horizons and once again forayed into the realm of the male trash novel (first foray one of Dan Brown's infamous books). I'm part way through Good Omens, a book that Aryn lent to me when I was last in the Edmonton. He was certain that I'd find it funny in an intelligent way and I must admit that I'm actually finding it quite amusing. And I'll clarify, it's not quite the male trash novel in that it involves espionage or intrigue involving some secret Catholic leagues of extraordinary albino monks (here would be a good time to mention that the delicious Paul Bettany is playing Rasputin, err, Silas the albino monk in The Da Vinci Code), but I consider the genre of male trash novels to span both espionage and science fiction... and the novelists who co-authored this book (yes, I know... I wonder to how people co-author books) are known for their work in the "fantasy" genre and I must admit that I generally avoid "fantasy" books because I pretend to be a book snob. Nothing wrong with trash novels though, I've been known to read my share... and if someone recommends that I read something and then hands me a copy I usually don't refuse. Well I might refuse if you can't tell me why you would think that I would like the book. I reserve that right.