single lens reflections...


I took the camero out for a spin last night... As I was lamenting in earlier posts it had been some time since I had indulged in any photography (a couple weeks is some time for me). So when one of my coworkers asked if I wanted to take some portraits of her children (read... dog and cat) I thought... why not? So yesterday evening after charging my camera and flash batteries I strolled down the Fort St. John streets with my camera bag and tripod slung over my shoulders, considering how I was going to take photos of these animals. I had considered carrying my backdrop stand with me... so I could shoot with one of my handy white sheets... but at the last minute I decided against it. I doubted that the little furry beasts would be able to sit still anyhow. I grabbed a few basic shots of the animals on the balcony and such, but as was to be expected they kept on running around everywhere.

We were also planning on some human portraiture while there was still daylight but the model/hairdresser was late arriving. I decided to still try some evening shots, so we picked up some flashlights and headed out to the lake. It was quite cold and windy out so we didn't stay for too long and I didn't play around with my settings too much. As most of the shots were longer exposures quite a few of the shots are blurry but I did manage to get a few good ones that are in somewhat of a sharp focus.

It was a fun evening. Everyone was easy going and overall it was a relaxing photography session. Next weekend is my big session at the hair salon, which I will be shooting solo this time.

reports will be forthcoming.