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I might be the only one, but I find these two pictures arranged like this rather funny. I must be twelve years old.

In other news... Today was a much better day at work... the students I work with all had good days (in comparison to their bad days) and for part of the morning we got to indulge in a little art therapy and painted little terracotta pots for Mother's Day. I can see why mental institutions have arts and craft for their inmates because today's activity was very soothing. However, I can also see why such activities might also be a bad idea, judging from the rising level of frustration in some students when their ideas were not translating well from thought to paintbrush. But, that's what you get for trying to paint a Harley Davidson on your mother's flower pot (her mother was an avid biker the girl assured me). One student painted a pot with a skull and red eyes and green slime oozing down from the top. Rethinking his idea he decided to add a heart to his masterpiece so that his mother would know that it would be painted with love. Children amuse me with their originality.

On the photoshoot front... I made a mistake earlier in the week and I got the date wrong on my hair appointment. I feel a bit like an idiot, but it's not a big deal. My colouring appointment has been rescheduled for Friday, so I'll end the week at the salon with a head full of foils. Saturday is still the big day for photos, so I'll have lots of pictures to edit in the coming weeks before I move.

Tonight I found out that Earth: the World Urban Festival is also going to be held in Vancouver as part of the World Urban Forum.

an excerpt from the Earth website:

In June 2006, delegates from around the world will be in Vancouver for the United Nations’ World Urban Forum to discuss future of the world’s cities and urban environments. And thanks to Earth: the World Urban Festival, the role of art, culture, music and dance in shaping and defining our cities and our urban experiences will be at the centre of the discussion.

Earth: the World Urban Festival is the UNESCO-designated official arts and culture festival of the World Urban Forum. From June 21-25, the World Urban Festival will bring artists from around the globe to Vancouver to share their stories and experiences, and help build awareness of the role of art in creating livable, sustainable and vibrant cities. The World Urban Festival will transform an industrial site at the Great Northern Way Campus into a once in a lifetime celebration of international theatre, dance, music and visual arts

It's an exciting time to visit. I keep on saying how much I'm looking forward to visiting Vancouver in June, but there's going to be so much to do. I'm really glad that I decided to go.