rongeurs putréfiés sales...


Two little students came up to me on the playground today and said quite seriously, "Duty... something really weird happened. We were looking at the field at this red spot and then it disappeared and now we feel all dizzy." They were making it all up of course, but they still went on saying, "oh, we just saw something yellow and it disappeared to and now we feel all wobbly." I can relate to their feeling of wobbliness... It's only Wednesday but these past three days have felt like two weeks. It's getting to that point in the year when some students are just done with school. They don't care and don't want to work anymore... and no amount of talk can convince them otherwise. I've had to deal with at least one student who fits that profile... and it been quite a challenge. I've come home each evening absolutely exhausted... so much so that I haven't even really thought much about my photoshoot that is coming up on Saturday. And I usually will think and talk ad nauseum about upcoming shoots. Tomorrow I have to get my model releases all printed off and then later in the afternoon I have to go and get have my hair coloured in preparation for the shoot. Tonight I might make a playlist for the photoshoot... I don't know who the models are so maybe I'll just go with something really popular... or mellow... I can't quite decide. I'm open to suggestions.

Wade totally made my day the other day when he sent me a picture of the new art installation in his luxe apartment suite. He has three of my bw photos from my most recent trip to Edmonton. I'm really pleased and I can't wait to see the installation in person. I am shamed to admit that I don't have any of my own photos hung up right now... and not for lack of wall space either... since my bedroom walls are absolutely bare. But I'm hesitant to go out and make purchases on frames or prints of my photos right now as I'm planning to move shortly. I've put up with my minimalist wall scheme for this long, I can continue to live with it until the end of June.

One more weekend to go until Aryn and Wade come up for a visit. I'm looking forward to it... although the fact that I'll have a visitor means that I'll be responsible for finding something exciting to do. Or maybe I won't come up with anything exciting at all... and I'll take my visitor for a walking tour of the city and introduce him to the world of northern pedestrian unfriendliness. Maybe we'll go for a romantic drive in the country and I'll show him the northern donkey... so many things to do, it's so hard to decide.

I think we'll all survive the weekend though. The beau must be introduced to this countryside at least a few times. Besides, ony a couple of weeks later I'll regain my status of traveller and be off to Kamloops and then to Vancouver, both trips which I am really excited about. It's been a nice change for me... this leaving town. I spent most of the previous year landlocked in FSJ, with the exception of my photo excursions and some time spent away for school... I didn't see much more than the core area of the city. Since January I've been living the life of jetsetter, making friends with the pilots and flight attendants... being on a first name basis with all the security staff at the airports (makes it far less uncomfortable when they have to pat you down for weapons). I got to pretend like I was a high profile business woman... I would alternate my story between that of being the youngest CEO of Imaginary Industries or the staff photographer for Northern Geographic.

anyhow... i'm going to relax now and watch the season (2) finale of Veronica Mars (this episode will reveal who crashed the bus... although I already know). If you have not watched this show I would highly recommend it... it's good tv. Rent season 1 on DVD and you'll find out what I'm talking about.