ready for fall...


blazing green
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I go back home tomorrow... back to no man's land... back to the land where there snow is due to arrive any day now. I really shouldn't perpetuate the stereotype of the frozen north... I'm sure the temperature will be average for september.

anyhow, I have one last night in Victoria, but all of my Victoria friends are out of town so I'm here all by my lonesome, packing, geeking out on the computer, and listening to music. I thought I might have time to hang around in Vancouver tomorrow, but that's not the case as I have to bus over and I will arrive with approximately two hours before my flight departs. But even then, that really only leaves me with an hour because I will have to go through security and wait patiently for my flight to depart.

I'm tired and hungry... so I'm going to go eat my last supper in Victoria and try to get to bed early. Tomorrow my day will be filled with planes, trains, and automobiles (ok, strike the middle one). Bring confetti and the marching band to welcome me home.