giving in to temptation


raspberry beret
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watch my flickr photostream over the next few days for some fabulous photos from my most recent photo expedition. I've posted a few photos already, as the tempation was far too great and I could not wait another day.

Anyhow, this photo expedition involved pincurls, A.'s prom dress, fabric that was orignally intended for my bedroom, and of course the famous fedora and soon to be beloved beret.

This definitely had to be one of my best modeling experiences yet. My mood improved dramatically from the excursion (and yes, I will be posting several photos of my model muse... he was not forgotten).

comment on the photos please. I greatly appreciate the support.


  1. my dress eh? WHO SAID YOU COULD USE IT!!!?!?!?!?!? just kidding. at least it's being put to some use. but did you cut off the straps? that's not cool. arrested development was awesome last night. it's the only show i'm going to make an effort to watch.