therapeutic shootings


Please note that this photo is not posted to my flickr photostream because I am honouring the terms of agreement with my friend and fellow photographic muse W. As some of may well know, I am back from my three week bout of face-to-face academia at Royal Roads in Victoria. It was a nice three weeks, but could have been better. I had a nasty cold for the majority of the time I was there... and I did not take nearly as many photos there as I would have liked. But the purpose of my trip was for school and not for photography, so I can't complain too much. Six more courses to go and then I'll have my degree.

Anyhow, in celebration of my return to Fort St. John (and in celebration of being "half the size") I was very verbally aggressive and I demanded that W. go on a photographic excursion complete with several costume changes. You can check out this set for photos from yesterday. You can anticipate that I will be posting more over the next few days... at random times throughout the day when I'm taking a break from my continued search for employment that will let me sustain this fabulous bohemian lifestyle that I lead.

In other related news, I came across this book of sample upholstery that my sister A. was given from some work experience she did with a local interior designer (read: curtain specialist). Some of the samples are ridiculously garish and with a little savvy camera cropping will work perfectly to create some funky portrait backgrounds (face only). I am considering trying some of it out tonight. I'll see if my model will consent to more posing. But really, who could refuse such a wonderfully verbally aggressive and argumentative girl like me?