a treacherous thing


Tonight I was like a caged housewife who attacked the unsuspecting vaccum salesman with tedious conversation. That's the type of life I lead you see, that of a trophy wife. A dusty trophy that sits on top of a high shelf with all the other useless awards that people collect over time. Or, if I were to relate the text to the photo I would say that I'm like one of those Royal Doulton figurines that are featured ever so prominently in the Sears catalogue. They're always so angelic with their vast skirts and demure faces, but they're useless except to look at and grace a curio cabinet and collect dust like those trophies I was referring to earlier.

In other news, I'm still looking for more work. I like my job of an hour a day. It makes me feel a little bit useful. I love that it's right across the street, because it takes no time at all to get there. It would be nice to get more hours though. I applied for another supplementary job today. At another location closer to home. I'm also hoping that more photography work will appear so I can keep the money lenders at bay.

I realize that I should finish my semi autobiographical short story that I've been working on for several years. I'm entering it into a writing contest in an effort to sustain the notion that I will one day make a living from my art... written or photographic. The deadline for entries is November 1st. Better get cracking.

High concept photoshoot scheduled for Friday. Watch for the goodness.