leaping lizards!


for some odd reason this photo has been viewed 115 times. There is no logical explanation for that many views... it's not that spectacular of a shot (no offense to the subject or the photographer) but it was hastily composed and really consists of me acting like a bit of a fool and that's all.

Today I would like to comment that I wish that getting a job were as simple as going to the produce department of your local grocery store and picking a banana to buy too add to your cereal or yogurt. We always talk about finding jobs, but I'm starting to think that finding a job is the wrong term to use. After all, I've found plenty of jobs. Doesn't mean that I'm being contacted for any of them (really I should be more patient, it hasn't been that long since I've submitted my resumes, but I'm all for instant gratification). For once it would be nice for a job to find me... for another great job to fall into my lap and say, "you're exactly what I've been looking for." But despite all the lovely job opportunities out there and despite my lovely skill set, I seem to be at a loss. You can't get by on your talent, good looks, charm, and education alone. If you don't know the baker's son then you might as well throw your dreams of making sourdough out the window.

But despite my complaints my quest for work continues. I know that eventually a job will turn up.

onward and upwards as they say...


  1. That picture got all those views because it's fun. It oozes fun. Well, ok maybe oozes isn't the right word, but it is playful.


    Ever thought of relocating for work?

  2. ahh yes, how could I not realize the ooziness of this photo. It makes perfect sense now.

    and relocating is not beyond me... as long as I have a bridge to sleep under.