for the communication scholar in all of us


Here's a little something for the communication scholar in all of us... A History of Communications 35,000 BC - 1998 AD.

and in other news, I had a job interview this morning. I think it went quite well, but that never means that I am assured a job. It's not very much work at all (about five hours a week) but the job is in a very convenient location and it would give me plenty of time to do school during the afternoon... which I could benefit from tremendously. I'll see what happens later today... another candidate was coming in for an interview in the afternoon.

update: I would like to work more than five hours a week, but I'm caught in the struggle between wanting to concentrate on school full-time and do lots of additional research like I was able to do when I was living in Victoria and the pressure to work regular hours like everyone else.

update deux: this morning's interview was successful. I now have a part-time job across the street (perfect for the pedestrian in me). I start tomorrow.


  1. Congratulations Miss Loro. Alwin Holland was my stomping ground back in the day. This catholic was never lucky enough to attend the private school up the street. Did I miss out on anything?


  2. I'll go look for the plaque that dedicated to you, the best student ever. And of course you missed out... you could have been a nun.