the cost of living


I would love to be a fashion photographer. Correction: I'm already a fashion photographer, I just want to get paid for it.

Check out my latest photoset and hire me for your next portrait session.

UPDATE: This photo was selected as Digital Photo of the Day on the Digital Photography Weblog (for September 23, 2005). I've now joined the ranks of International Weblog Sensations (a new categorization that W. and I came up with when he was thanked on another blog... of course he beat me to the punch and joined before me, and now this is a double victory for him because this photo is of him, but now he'll be famous for his body and not his face). No matter what, I'm as pleased as can be, pleased as punch if you will.


  1. cool pictures...what kind of camera do you use?

  2. a Canon 300D (digital rebel). It's my prize possession.