sound sensational sports


guardian © Raffaella Loro

I'm getting my fill of major sporting events through roundabout ways lately. Last night I went to sleep with the sounds of the World Cup, which my brother had recorded using his HDTV satellite receiver and then transferred to DVD for my father and younger brother to watch. I had my window open and I coul hear the sounds of the cheering crowd as I drifted off to sleep.

Tonight I was on the phone with Aryn and at one point in the conversation spontaneous cheering broke out in the distance. It was loud. The entire block of apartments seemed to be going crazy. It being game night I had a feeling that it meant that the Oilers had won.

I found the parallels between the two experiences rather amusing. Here I am, not an avid fan of either sport (although I can name more soccer players than I can hockey players) but despite my best efforts the sound of sport does not escape me.