from whence it came and other tales of travel...


This may very well be my last blog post from my little white beast of burden, as this laptop is going to be returned tomorrow. It was fun while it lasted... I got to test out Tiger and a tiny laptop and I've decided that one day when I can afford it I will get myself a little portable laptop like this to do my little bits of internet surfing while I'm traveling or away from my main computer.

Considering that I'm moving tomorrow I'm relatively zen. But I suppose it is because I'm tired and I'm not really allowing myself to be worried that I'm only partially packed. I've only packed a portion of my books now and I still have to pack my assorted jackets (which I kind of forgot about since it's only the beginning of the summer and I've forgotten what snow can be like) and other miscellaneous bits and pieces from around my room. This move is much different from my previous moves though... I've seen the place that I'm moving into and I don't have to worry too much about leaving some items behind. I know that I don't have space for everything I own in the "new" apartment and the vehicle that I'm using to move probably won't hold it all either. Needless to say, there's still quite a bit of packing left for me to complete tomorrow. But I'm too tired to deal with any of that now. I still have to go to work tomorrow and I think I'll have to miss the celebratory final luncheon as I'd like to have my room packed up before Aryn arrives in the afternoon.

What would ever possess someone to become a professional mover? I've only ever had to move a couple roomfuls of stuff, I can't imagine what it would be like to have to move entire house worth. But I suppose if it's not your own it might be easier to just pack up and go... there would be none of this iingering over items that you hadn't looked at for a while.

Friday afternoon I should be in the city. But for now I'm going to sleep.