chlorinated dreams...


freestyle... © Raffaella Loro

I've returned from my trip and I'm enduring the scorching heat with the rest of the world. It's crazy hot out. I have loads and loads to get done over the next couple of days... since I will be moving on Friday. But who really wants to pack when it is so hot outside. I'd rather be in the pool where it is nice and cool.

My summer schedule is going to be crazy. I'll be back and forth between Edmonton, the islands and Fort St. John... but I will miss every single Folk Fest. It's a little disappointing because there are many artists that I would like to see, like Sarah Harmer, David Gray, Feist, Bedouin Sound Clash, Broken Social Scene... but I will be in transit for both the Edmonton and Calgary festivals. Oh well, there is always next year... and I'm sure that I will get my chance to go see concerts throughout the year.

However, I'm running on a tight schedule here and I need to eat some dinner before I figure out my packing procedure.