remain standing for this one...


please be seated... © Raffaella Loro

I'm heading off to bed now after an activity filled weekend in Kamloops... having just met Aryn's family and attended his sister's convocation all in one fell swoop (apologies to my own sisters whose respective convocations I am unable to attend). I'm a little too tired to go into the trip in detail... and judging from my recent failures to come back and describe more about things, I probably won't have much more to say other than I had a good time.

I only have a few more weeks left before I move, and close to ten days of that is going to be spent in Vancouver. My new lenses are in my possession and I spent a fair bit of time getting used to using them. They are a nice addition to my growing list of equipment. But I really need to try to sleep.


  1. Sorry about not calling back. I just got in and as the post says; you're going to bed. I'm glad you had a good weekend, I love this pictures, and I'm happy for you with your new lenses. Talk to you soon love.