feeling a bit samsonite...


The past week has been a busy one. I haven't really had a chance to write in length about the several things that I wanted to write about. Tonight, however, seems like a perfect night to catch up... seeing that I am very nearly friendless in this town and I have also been ditched for the devil's game of Texas Hold'Em (one of many Lucifer approved recreational activities).

I got a chance this week to sit down with my wedding client to go over some of the details of the wedding and review what she (and her partner) were looking for in their photos. The meeting left me with a really nice feeling. I'm beginning to be much more comfortable in the role of payed photographer as compared to a hobbyist who does people favours. The wedding is still a couple of months away, but I am already getting anxious to take the pictures. Next week I'll be in Kamloop's to meet Aryn's family so I'll get the chance to start practicing with the new equipment I purchased with my prize money (winning photo seen here).

Tomorrow I'll be spending the day with my class out at a fish hatchery north of town. I've been told the outing is quite boring, but I'm hoping that the weather will be at least moderately nice so that we all can enjoy a day spent outside instead of cooped up in the classroom. You can really tell that it is getting close to the end of the year because nearly all of the students are on edge and the mood/behaviour swings are so erratic. I still enjoy my job though... and I will be a little sorry for it to end. After this year though I really do think that I would prefer working in another capacity within the education system. I've been oft quoted that I quite like the one-on-one aspect of my job, but I will admit that sometimes I wish that I were able to focus more on academics than behaviour. All students can benefit from increased support and I would leap at the chance to work in the capacity where I could help create more challenging curriculum for students who did not already face other challenges in their learning or behaviour. Some time in the future perhaps... in another city most likely...

But I'm getting a little frustrated right now. After dealing with some junk customer service this morning I've been trying to sort something out and despite my attempts to establish a communication link I'm being ignored. I give up. I'm going to bed.

here's to a better day tomorrow.