sewing altercations and other such stories of dehydration...


Today was sinfully hot.

Hot like hell if you get my drift. It was almost a punishment to be outside. I'm not complaining though, I just wish that I had brought a hat with me.

This week is disappearing so quickly. I don't know where the time is going, but before I know it I will be back on a plane... this time headed for Vancouver for a combination educational experience and pre-move vacation. It can be really hard for me to justify all my comings and goings over the past six months, since in the past I was lucky if I made it fifteen minutes out of town. But this trip is really going to be worth it. It's really just a mini excursion, but should afford me plenty of opportunity to indulge in some architectural photography... something which I don't get a lot of.

I'll admit that back in January the idea of another long distance relationship was not the most enticing one. However, thanks to all the visits that Aryn and I have managed to fit in, our months spent apart have not been so bad at all. Or at least I've forgotten the more dreary bits. June was supposed to be the worst month... I never really got to the point of considering July until I made plans to move... but so far it has turned out to be the best. We've already had one visit so far, and with the Vancouver trip things are just doubly and infinitely better. However, I am gushing and recently I read an article that one should avoid writing stuff that is just boring, which this is.

In other news related to my post title, this afternoon I took it upon myself to start altering a sundress that my mother's mother gave to her, but it was too short for my mama and wouldn't fit my other sisters so I ended up with it. Anyhow, some careful stitch ripping later and I'd removed the sleeves and the collar and was ready for my crude attempts at dress alterations. I have very little skill when it comes to sewing, but I somehow manage to muddle myself through the process, although my attempts are always very crude and a real seamstress/tailor would laugh at my stitching in a very scornful way. Tomorrow I'll have to finish with the final stitching, so far all I've done is do a little cutting and some basting. My mother has suggested that I use bias tape but methinks that's too labour intensive. The dress wasn't that great in the first place and I just really want it to lounge about in during the summer. Perhaps one day I'll really learn how to sew and put the sewing machine (a much requested Christmas gift from a few years ago) to good use.