on blistering heat and feet...


red slippers of doom... © Raffaella Loro
Today I decided to break in a new pair of shoes (purchased on sale of course) in preparation for my Vancouver trip. The shoes are pretty red leather flats (yes I wear leather) and add a nice bit of colour to my wardrobe. Once summer arrives I rarely wear any type of footwear that encloses my entire foot... this results in a toughened sole but a rather delicate portion of skin on my back heel. However, this morning I grossly misjudged how sensitive this skin is and I chose to wear these shoes for my morning constitutional.

This was the result after a ten minute walk to work.

achilles hell
achilles hell... © Raffaella Loro

For the sake of common decency I am not showing you the naked blisters, because they are as gross to look at as they are painful. And I use plural because I had multiple blisters on each foot. Luckily my coworker leant me her vehicle and I was able to go home at recess to switch my shoes for flipflops. I'm thinking that to break these babies in I'll just have to wear them with socks around the house. Maybe by fall they'll be comfortable enough to walk in. I'm forgetting about taking them to Vancouver because I'd rather not have to deal with broken feet. Instead I'll slow down my pace a bit and just keep with my regular open back footwear.

The hellmouth was open again today and we had a second day where the little hellions felt right at home. But I tell myself only two more days of work this week...