hocus pocus focus


I'm gearing up (in more ways than one) for my upcoming trips to Kamloops and Vancouver. I plan to photograph up a storm with my new lensies that I've acquired thanks to a recent contest win (my first) and an upcoming wedding shoot. I'm most pleased and excited. I'll be meeting up with a group of Vancouver photographers (Vandigicam) while I'm in the city... and basically just getting to explore the city in a way that I haven't before. We used to spend part of our summers in Vancouver, but I'm sure the last time we made that sort of trip was almost 17 years ago. I've been back to the city several times since, but only for a limited period of time and never with my camera. I don't know if Aryn is psychologically prepared with the amount of photography that is going to be taking place for the week that we are there for the World Urban Forum. I'm going to have to clear some space off of my computer so that I always have fresh cards for the next day.

I really cannot wait to try out my new lenses. I wish that I was near a camera store that actually carried a wide selection of lenses so I could go and see them in person (but fear not, I did a lot of research before finally deciding what to invest in). Luckily for me, however, Aryn does live near such stores and was a true prince and acted as my proxy in the acquisition of this new equipment. Ever the faithful messenger, he is channeling Hermes and will carry to me my new lensies when we meet up next week.

I seem to be in a perpetual state of photographic lust... dreaming of the locations where I will soon be visiting and somewhat ignoring my current surroundings. I just need a change of location. I'm not as inspired in this northern city at the moment. But when you've lived in this place for as long as I have, sometimes it becomes difficult to see any beauty even in the disarray and decay. Perhaps if I tried harder I could, but I don't feel like making the effort, especially because I know I'm going to be in Vancouver for more than a week... and I know I'm going to be in Victoria again this summer... and I know I'm going to Salt Spring and Lasqueti. It can be foolish to always be thinking that someplace else is better than where we are right now, but for the time being I don't really see much harm in my looking forward to taking pictures someplace else.

However, it's quite nice outside today so I think I'm going to leave my post in the living room and indulge in a little sunlight out of doors with a book.


  1. It is certainly nice to take pictures of new scenery and fear not, soon enough that dream will come to fruition.