umm... yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and ask winter to stop already.


I was naive and thought that winter might actually stay away. Unfortunately the snow is falling quickly outside and the weather has taken a turn for the worse. I will need to watch my step and walk even more carefully to and from work, since with every step I run the risk of slipping on some black ice that will be hiding underneath a fresh layer of snow, just waiting for my unsuspecting ankles to snap.

I gave myself a good laugh this morning and tallied up some of the lenses and basic camera equipment that I would like. The total was more than or (close to) thirteen thousand dollars. How absolutely ridiculous.

This morning the grade seven students started to use the Blended Style and Structure program that I was introduced to on Monday's Pro-D day. It's such a simple program and all of the students responded to it really well.

anyhow, lunchtime. My day is half over.