deus ex machina


Any active agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an apparently insoluble difficulty.

I can't exactly say that my problems are insoluble or that they are problems per se, but I would not mind some assistance to make my next few months a little more enjoyable.

It's been a good week at work lately. As of yesterday I now work an entire day at the school... and other than a few glaring issues relating to certain interpretations of pedagogy... I still really like my work. I've worked in the solitary office environment before... doing busy work... and if working on a project that I was really into I did not mind it so much. These days however although I am not always "busy" I get to observe learning (or on some days lack thereof). It's quite fascinating to observe all the little social interactions and intellectual development of the students. Maybe it's fascinating just because I am trying to make it so... but it helps me get through the day in an enjoyable fashion.

in other news... still sick since my immune system is like a screen door that is hardly effective in keeping the torrential rains out.