guide to convalescence: take baby streps


I arrived home yesterday and I was starting to feel better (after having a sinus cold for a week) and then this morning I woke up and my glands are swollen and swallowing even the tiniest sips of water is painful.

I just don't get a break. I have to get up now and walk through the snow to get to the walk-in clinic and I'd really rather not go. But I have a big photo shoot this weekend that I don't want to cancel, but I may have to if I'm feeling miserable or if I have something besides the usual strep throat.

I'm not pleased.


  1. oh no! i'm sorry you're not feeling well, but I just have to say that there is no way I gave you my tonsilitis! I hardly even saw you and we didn't get anywhere near each other - I refuse to accept responsibility for this!