relating to the opera


When I'm in Edmonton for Spring Break I'm going to the opera. Well, it's still a might at this point... but even with it only still being an idea at this point and it ebing more than a month away, I'm still excited about it. There are several "high culture" activities that I've always wanted to do... one being attending the Opera, others being attending ballet and symphony orchestra performances. I can't claim to be a connoisseuir of any of these activites... I think I would appreciate them all just for the talent involved... but a large reason for my wanting to partake in any and all of these activities is all the preparation and being able to see it as an event. There's just a certain formality involved - the dressing up, the official tickets... and the infrequency of it all in my life. I'm looking forward to it, a lot.

I really do wonder what people wear to the opera though. Not being part of the "opera crowd" I'm not familiar with the faux pas of dress and wouldn't want to appear gauche. I suppose it really doesn't matter all that much... I can use my imagination. Today I did find a lovely dress that I think I can wear though. My sister-in-law and I went down to check out the remnants of Zellers stock since sin-mart has forced it to close down... and not finding anything useful (we were looking at the industrial shelving...) we wandered through the mall and then checked out the sales rack in one of the stores. I was pleased with my find as I usually don't find things that fit me on the sales rack - and the price was about the same as a new book. I would tell you more about it, but that would spoil the surprise.

I'm deadly tired though. After work today I organized my next photoshoot, had my hair trimmed and colour touched up... and then I went shopping. So, I didn't end up eating until close to 5pm today. Probably not the best thing. And my feet are sore.

oh well, it was all in the name of the opera.