caffeine high...


Sometimes I am bad to my bones and I drink a lot of pop. It's a bad habit... but most of my immediate family has this flaw. I wouldn't quite say that any of us are caffeine addicts, but Coca-Cola does not last long in my house. But it's really one of those things that if it's not around us we don't miss it... we only drink it because it is there. So, when we are smart we don't buy it. I don't usually buy Coke at all... when I lived on my own I usually spent my money on cranberry juice which had just the right combination of sweetness and tartness. However, tonight... after more than a month of not having any type of cola product in the house... I came home to find a box of Coke opened and taunting me with it's shiny red cans and classic script lettering. And without realizing it I drank four cans (they weren't ice cold so I drank them rather quickly). It was ridiculous... I didn't even know what I was doing... maybe because I followed every can with a glass of water.. which eliminated the cola taste in my mouth.

I usually don't notice the effects of caffeine, usually because I consume it in moderation (somewhat)... but over a course of the two hours following my four can binge I found myself in a fury of thought... my mind was humming at top speed and I was fidgety and agitated about the state of the world and my lack of studio lighting equipment. I wondered why I was so worked up but then I realized that it must be the caffeine surging through my system. I'm staying away from that stuff... that liquid adrenaline... it's wreaking havoc on my melancholy.