a farewell is necessary before you can meet again...


I just watched what could be the last four episodes of Arrested Development. The fate of this brilliant television show is unknown which saddens me, because there are few shows that I found so laugh out loud funny and highly quotable. Alas, some good things are taken for granted and are never appreciated properly.

I suppose I should go back to reading my book. It's quite a good one, "Swann" by Carol Shields... a writer that I stumbled upon when one of my sisters and I went bargain shopping at Coles a few summers ago and each bought a bagload of books for $5 or $10. I bought a hardcover edition of Shields' novel, "Larry's Party" and quite enjoyed it. And over time I have acquired the majority of her work... adding to my collection of Canadian literature... a description perhaps more loosely applied to Shields, because she was from the United States, but if I remember correctly adopted Canada as her home and has been adopted by the Canadian literati as one of their own. My goal is to finish the book this weekend and at a leisurely pace... something which I have not done in a long time, but for once I finally feel like I can take the time to read something slowly.

In other news... this morning I received flowers from my new beau (shock, horrors, this is public declaration of my distance relationship... someone light some incense and a candle to ward away bad spirits) who I met in 2005 (or last year as I sometimes tell people, neglecting to mention that we met only in the final hours of 2005) through my chum of all chums. We (beau and I) are now what can be called a distance relationship... something that I never thought I would do again, but for all purposes, shapes and sizes seems to be progressing/developing/advancing very nicely. It helps that our minds meet on a similar geeky and intellectual level. But back to my report on the flowers. When sending flowers through such things as the telefloral network, you run the risk of sending rather gawdy arrangements. Luckily my distant admirer had the foresight to specify what should not be included in the arrangement, so as to prevent abuse by baby's breath and general floral ugliness. The arrangement I did receive was nice, but I have to admit that it lacked a little something special and I'm going to rearrange the flowers myself. In a discussion prior to this blog post I did tell my faraway suitor as much... knowing full well that he would appreciate my critique of the arrangement that was translated from his simple instructions because the critique would not be of his gallant and romantic gesture but rather of whoever arranged the flowers in the first place. Receiving the flowers was a most wonderful surprise, because they came out of nowhere... arriving at just the right time that I could sit and eat my lunchfast with flowers on the table.

Also in other news... I missed the Northern Voice Blogging conference again this year. Last year I was registered but found myself in the wrong part of the province when the conference was being held. I'm hoping that next year I can go... It's on my list of things to attend. Oh well, in two weeks I have another conference to attend in Edmonton... and this one is much more closely related to my current position.

now back to my book.