olympic opportunity


During recess I watched a bit of the Olympics coverage with some of the students and staff at the school. We watched the finals in the Men and Women's Pursuit in Speed Skating. The men's team included a local skater from Fort St. John who was in my younger sister's elementary class. He skated with the team through to the semi-finals but he was replaced by another team mate for the finals (I'm thinking because he had the least amount of experience on the Olympic team). It was a little disappointing for some of the kids, because they came downstairs with their classes to see someone from Fort St. John competing in the Olympics. A couple of the kids were absolutely adorable and were telling me that they were going to compete in the Olympics one day... one in speed skating, another in swimming, and the other in gymnastic.

aahh, the beauty of youth. They were so excited to watch the events and started to spontaneously chant "Canada, Canada..." damn little patriots...