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people are funny... when I do nothing to my hair except let it air dry they make a point to stop and tell me that my hair looks fantastic. I think that's a little odd, because although it looks moderately presentable with a just a hint of wildness... I would hardly say that it could be classified as fantastic.

My day is about to begin, the weather is cold but the sun is up. Tomorrow is another Pro-D Day and I get to attend a session on Guided Reading. I think it will be most beneficial.


  1. I was browsing around your posts (btw I really like the name you have picked for your blog “the theory of Raffaella”) and had a really nice time reading some of your….. let’s call them observations. I am a student in business administration in an university literally on the other side of the globe (Bulgaria). And about the hair style compliments – it happens to me all the time. I see someone with a really nice outlook or dress or whatever and when I tell them it comes out that they have not done anything special with their hair. I guess that some people look better when put on less make-up or hair stiller.