speaking of beasts of burden


my little white beast of burden (my aptly named iBook) continues to improve. Best news, I have now installed the drivers necessary to use my tablet so I am now fully operational to edit photos on both my beautiful wuxga screen silver bullet (factory named, rechristened d'ell in honour of el mariachi) and this little work horse. There are a few flaws with my mule of course, it doesn't have a burner so I'll be stuck using an external or I'll have to get another external harddrive.

but I will celebrate by using my pen to click on publish post.

bon nuit.

side note: I would not use my mule for heavy photo editing without an external monitor. It's so tiny and junky after the luxury of my other display. It really doesn't cut it, especially with my poor vision. Anyhow, I'm really going to bed this time. Go pen go.