fascination, captivation, and consumer savvy


I'm feeling like I'm stretching myself in too many directions right now. It's a bit frustrating because there are so many things that I have on the go right now, but at the same time I feel like I'm not paying enough attention to any of the things I'm involved in. On top of all that I'm feeling a lot like I did when my aenemia was really affecting me... energetic intellectually with only short bouts of energy. I know that I have to pace myself and not try to overwhelm myself with tight deadlines which is a very bad habit of mine. Sometimes I just wish that I could skip all the steps in between. Today during dinner my family and I were joking around and we came up with the term, "the noworkaholic." I've decided that's what I am. I was designed to be a project manager, good at coming up with ideas, overseeing a project and wrapping up a project... but when it comes to the middle section... well, I don't think I need to explain that one.

I've been spending a lot of time recently wallowing in the realm of technology and education, dabbling in bits of research here and there, trying to find out more for the project I have on the go for work. The topic really fascinates me, mostly because I've always been in love with education... the act of learning that is, for I'm usually at odds with the business end of things - you know, tuition and such, the things that make the world go round. I'm trying to limit my entry here and not delve too deeply into this subject that I find simply captivating. I'll end up being too general, but tonight this entry is really just the dumping ground for the excess thoughts that are swirling around in my head. Over the next few days I'm going to finish reading this online book entitled digital education that I came across when I googled portable learning (the title of the class blog I created tonight, it's a pun on the fact that the classroom where I work was/is a portable). I've scanned a few sections already, it seems to have a lot of thought provoking material in it.

In other news, regarding my indoctrination. Tonight I came across this rather informative site, The Tao of Mac. Helpful little site, although I did really get to experience the out-of-the-box-freshness that some people have been able to experience when they experienced the switch. I have to admit I'm a little wary of all the talk of switching and conversion. I write of indoctrination with tongue-in-cheek of course. The cult factor does frightens me a bit... and by distancing myself just a little I think I am attempting to maintain my consumer savvy, acknowledging the brilliance of apple's marketing schemes. I know that I run the risk of excommunication with my seemingly fence-sittingly behaviour. But like many other things in my life, this is an issue that I've thought too much of. I've got this beautiful speech that I give to people about not letting our tools shape us but rather retaining our controls to shape our tools. So, in that way no matter what computer I use, the end result is more or less the same. Maybe this is all just leftover from owning (and still having to use) a PC laptop, but for me the differences in usage with either computer is really minimal. My blog posts are no more eloquent when I use dashblog (which by the way, has stopped working for me), or if I were to write them out by hand and then transcribe them using speech recognition software. The content is always created by me... emerging from somewhere in that large head of mine. Some may disagree, but I prefer my brain to any other operating system.

and the geek stands triumphant.

bon nuit.