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I've been sick all weekend. It's been horrible, not because the worst of it coincided with my weekend, but because it's been one of those rancid sicknesses that has drained me of most of my energy and racked my abdomen with tuberculosis-like coughs that wake me from the deepest slumber. If I didn't have to worry about dislocating a rib or two I might be celebrating about the easy ab workout... but it's nothing to celebrate with the added "bonus" of lethargy and ratched up throat.

As always I've been adding photos to my flickr photostream. Here you will find a few photos from my Thursday evening dinner date. I probably should have stayed home and went to bed early, but I had no idea that my cold/flu/tuberculosis/black lung would get so bad this weekend.

In other news, winter is really here. It hasn't been too cold yet as I haven't had to pull out the thermal underwear, but I'm sure those days aren't too far away. For now I'm content to curl up in bed with my hot water bottle (to soothe my sore abdominal muscles from all this coughing) and listen to the wind howl outside.

bon nuit.