Hypocritical oath


keeps the doctor away
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some might scoff... but being on the computer when you're feeling a little tired (or feeling like total junk like I was this afternoon and so far this evening) is no different than watching a little tv. And since I have no tv to watch and I did not have enough energy to concentrate on a book... my computer was really the best and only choice besides sleep.

I might try to sleep soon, but I really had my heart set on some oh so delicious custard that my mother makes so well, but there is none to be found in the cupboards and I can only hope that my brothers come through for me and pick some up on their way back from the swimming pool.

Unrelated... I am at odds with the phrase, "you missed your calling." I find that people often say it to compliment something you're good at, but at the same time it's also insulting because it infers that you've been making a series of bad choices that have kept you from becoming what you were meant to be. It's just like the "compliment" I received this summer from one of my classmates. She told me I looked great having lost so much weight. In fact, she told me I was half the size. Kind of an odd thing to say, because if I were to double the weight I am now (a number that I could only guess because I haven't been on a scale in at least a year) I would have been quite the chunker. But to get back to my first point about being at odds with missing my calling. I don't have a set career path (right now I'm just content with making a little money so I can save a little money) but I really like my current job. In the short period of time I've been working I've already seen improvements in the literacy skills of some of the kids I've been working with. However, although I like the education field even though I'm not in an education program that doesn't mean I've missed my calling. I don't think I like that phrase. It brings you up and cuts you down all in one fell swoop. I think there are more effective ways of encouraging and supporting someone.


  1. I would say your semantics are wound too tight!

  2. that was pretty funny, I must admit, when she said that about you being half the size you were before.